SCD Ontology

The Sickle Cell Disease Ontology (SCDO) project is a collaboration between H3ABioNet (Pan African Bioinformatics Network), SPAN, SADaCC and SPARCO. The SCDO is currently under development (click here to view a draft)and its purpose is to:
establish community standardized SCD terms and descriptions establish canonical and hierarchical representation of knowledge on SCD links to other ontologies and bodies of work such as DO, PhenX MeSH, ICD, NCI’s thesaurus, SNOMED and OMIM.
Once complete, we anticipate that the ontology will:

  • be the most comprehensive collection of knowledge in the SCD
  • facilitate exploration of new scientific questions and ideas.
  • facilitate seamless data sharing and collaborations including meta-analysis within the SDC community.
  • support the building of databasing and clinical informatics in SCD


  • SCDO Version 1 Content is Finalized 
  • The SCDO Ontology comply to OBO rules
  • Monthly SCDO Meetings are conducted
  • Curation pipeline is available for download
  • Web-portal content is live
  • SCDO Workshop Agenda & Report
  • Cross-consortia research and publications


Read details from the SCDO website
Chairs: Professor Nicola Mulder and Professor Ambroise Wonkam
Read details from the SCDO website