Africa Research Excellence Fund Research Development Fellowship 2020

The Programme Aim: To support researchers in Africa who are emerging leaders and are working on important challenges for human health to develop their skills as a researcher. What we offer: A three to nine-month placement at a leading research institution in Europe or Africa, with additional support at your home institution before and after the placement, up to a maximum of £40,000. Who is eligible: Research active post-doctoral scientists and clinicians who are nationals of and employed in Sub-Saharan Africa who were awarded their doctorate after May 2014; and clinicians without a doctorate but who have a research-relevant Master’s degree and at least two and up to seven years active research experience. How to apply: Read the information below, and download the Application Form, Information for Applicants and Cost & Finance Spreadsheet, and email to before 12:00 GMT 23 September 2020 The AREF RDF Programme aims to enhance the research competitiveness of emerging African researchers who are working on important challenges for human health in Africa. In 2020, these challenges will include infectious disease and non-communicable diseases. AREF’s goal is to transform the opportunities for up to 15 talented postdoctoral scientists in Africa in 2020 to contribute to reducing the burden of disease through leading research that is responsive to African settings. Eligibility and guidance To be eligible, applicants must be a national of a country in Sub-Saharan Africa. You need not be resident in Africa at the time of applying, provided that your application is officially supported by an African institution that meets the eligibility criteria for an employing institution and which attests that it intends to employ you locally. Academic qualifications: Non-clinician. Essential: PhD qualification within the last six years – awarded a PhD or equivalent postgraduate degree from a recognised institution of higher education after May 2014. If you do not currently have a PhD, you must provide evidence that a recognised examining institution expects you to have been examined for the degree of PhD/DPh by September 2020. You will not be able to take up the Fellowship without having been awarded a doctorate by a recognized and reputable academic institution. Clinician. Essential: Clinically-qualified applicants with a PhD/DPh/MD should have been awarded the doctorate from a recognised institution of higher education after May 2014. Clinically-qualified applicants without a doctorate may apply. They must have been awarded a research-relevant Master’s degree. They should also have at least two and not more than seven years of active research experience. Experience both before and after gaining the Master’s qualification counts towards the experience total. They will normally have plans to gain a PhD or equivalent doctorate (although not funded as part of the AREF Fellowship). Medical College memberships and fellowships are not counted as doctorates.
Date and time
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 12:00